De-and Remanufacturing for Circular Economy Investments in the Composite Industry

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The DeremCo project aims at the development of innovative systemic solutions for unlocking the great potential of End of Life composite materials as new manufacturing sources, with a set of actions inspired by two major general guidelines: Sustainable Manufacturing and Digitalization.

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Glass and carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites (GFRP and CFRP) are increasingly used as structural materials in many manufacturing sectors like transport, constructions and energy due to their better lightweight and corrosion resistance compared to metals. Composite recycling is a challenging task.  De- and Remanufacturing includes the set of technologies, tools and knowledge-based methods to recover, re-use and upgrade functions and materials from industrial waste and post-consumer high-tech products, under a new producer-centric Circular Economy perspective.

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DeremCo project: the First Presentation Video

DeremCo project: the First Presentation Video

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De-and Remanufacturing Regions 

De-and Remanufacturing Regions 

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