Birziplastik is a Basque Recycling SME that was born in 2019 in Bilbao, with the aim of establishing a solution to the large amount of industrial waste. Specifically technical injection plastics, plastics with additives and/or reinforced, hard plastic containers and their derivatives. That are not revalued or recycled.

In this way, the company offers a service for the recovery of end-of-use industrial plastics through the proper management of the waste they contain and thanks to a production process designed and certified so as not to generate added waste and guaranteeing traceability during its execution.

Thus, the 95% of the materials received are recovered, obtaining a fully recovered material suitable for reuse, either in the form of pellets or scrap.



The mission of Birziplastik in this cluster, as a participant in pilot strategy 2, can be summarized as follow:

Pilot Strategy 2: Thermal Valorization Circular Territorial Cluster

  • Discontinuous rCF/rGF for plastic injection

In this project we manage Aeronautics End of Life Carbon Fiber (CF) waste parts and Wind Industry End of Life Glass Fiber (GF) waste parts. Which are reprocessed through a High temperature Thermal Recycling process. In this way, the Discontinuous CF–GF remains intact.

Birziplastik revalues these fibers at the optimum size to be added as an additive for an injection polymer. To be characterized in polymers with glass and carbon fibers for plastic injection molding for the Automotive industry.


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