The Origoni Steiner studio, located in Milan and founded in 1986, works for public and private clients, as well as for many Italian and international brands in industry, fashion and publishing.

The studio conceives projects on different scales, and it has curated and designed several exhibitions, in Italy and abroad, about many different subjects (modern and ancient arts, graphic, design, architecture, fashion, sociology, history, new technologies...), taking care every aspect of the projects and all the useful tools for communication: interior, product, graphic and video design.

It has also managed the realization and the graphic design of many artistic and scientific books and it has designed furniture and interiors spaces.

Over the years the studio has developed a solid expertise also made of management and control of each stage of the project, from the concept to the realization, both in Italy and abroad. 

Origoni Steiner projects have been awarded with several national and international prizes, including two honorable mentions for the prestigious prize ADI Compasso D’Oro and its works were published on many books and specialized magazines.

For their research and experience the members of the studio have been invited to participate in competitions, symposiums and exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

In the recent past the studio has collaborated with the mechanical engineering department of the Politecnico di Milano for the European project FiberEUse, aimed at the circular economy in the field of glass and carbon fiber composites, designing the exhibition “FiberEUse: circular products for a sustainable future”, recently selected for the Compasso d'Oro award, and several furniture prototypes made by FRP coming from circular economy.



Thanks to this previous experience today OS assumed the role of partner within the DeremCo project, and it is the leader of the demo case 1.2 for the demonstration of GRFP re-use in creative products.

Through the involvement of subjects operating in this sector, OS wants to test this opportunity to identify, on the one hand, the most suitable production processes for new materials introduction, and on the other, the types of furniture that can be designed and marketed using them.


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