Technol was founded as a small workshop in Portorož in 1989. Due to fast growing production company relocated in 1996 to the present location in Izola.

Today we are a company which manufactures GRP products for water treatment, environmental and chemical industry, swiming pools, agriculture, foodstuff industry and other applications where high level of corrosion resistance is required. We export throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Our key products: 

  • Pressure multimedia filters for water filtering
  • Industrial pressure vessels
  • Storage tanks for agressive fluids
  • Ultrafiltration units
  • Storage tanks for foodstuff
  • Scrubbers, bioreactors, ducts
  • Dual laminate products
  • UF compact units for water treatment.

Production technologies

Our products are manufactured with spray up, filament winding, RTM, dual laminate (termoplasts + fiberglass), hand lay-up and vacuum infusion technology.

For severe working conditions we can combine fiberglass with thermoplastic liners as PVC, PVC-C, PP, PE and PVDF. Our range of products is up to 5m of diameter and 14m of lenght or height. 

Our vision is to minimize industrial composite waste by its recycling and incorporating the recycled material in our products. 


We want to offer more sustainable version of GRP fence using industrial composite waste (recycled glass fibers) as reinforcement for its thermoset composites. The prototypes will be made in cooperation with project partners – planned steps of production are: grinding of composite parts (Technol and other project partners), adhesion modification (recycled fibers surface modification or resin modification) and testing will be conducted at FTPO in cooperation with Politecnico di Milano, Tampereen Korkeakoulusaatio and Fundacion techalia research & innovation.


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