Veplas Group is one of the leading manufacturers of composite products on east part of central Europe with more than 40 years of tradition of production from fiber reinforced plastic (FRP).


Our vision is to become the international manufacturer of hi-tech composites. Our mission is to provide healthy and quality life.

Mission statement:

We are producer of glass fiber (GRP), carbon fiber (CRP) and aramid fibre (ARP) composite parts with autoclave, RTM and hand lay-up manufacturing technology. Most used resin are: polyester, vinylester and epoxy.

Veplas Group is on product production segments consist of medical, automotive and transport, aerospace, machine building parts and ballistic visors.  

Veplas is flexible in production and able to control production chain from produce new toolings (models, moulds and jigs) and complex products from composite materials – depends on requested applications and demands of a partner. All activities are according to obtained QMS UNI EN ISO 9001:2015; UNI EN 9100:2018 (Aerospace industry) and MSZ EN ISO 13485:2016 (Medical devices).


In the project Veplas wants to show the possibility to use the recycled glass fibers as reinforcement for thermoset composites for putty for mould and shelf of motorhomes and in the same time to use industrial waste from own production. Therefore, the pretreated waste glass composite material from Veplas and other project partners will be used as reinforcement (waste composite fibers) together with the needed additives for the thermoset composite. The prototypes will be made in cooperation with project partners: grinding of composite parts, adhesion modification (recycled fibers surface modification or resin modification) and testing will be done at FTPO, composite production will be done in the production of Veplas, where the putty for mould and shelf of motorhomes will be also tested. Together with the project partners Politecnico di Milano, Tampereen Korkeakoulusaatio and Fundacion techalia research & innovation, FTPO will develop tailored-made solutions for all project partners' democases.


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