Advancing Wind Energy Circularity: DeremCo meets EoLO HUBS

Advancing Wind Energy Circularity: DeremCo meets EoLO HUBS

Advancing Wind Energy Circularity: DeremCo meets EoLO HUBS

LOOPS, a dedicated webinar series spotlighting circular economy and sustainability innovations, aligns seamlessly with the objectives of the DeremCo project. Collaborating with various initiatives, LOOPS events within the DeremCo framework aim to share best practices with policymakers, create a platform for showcasing project outcomes, and foster the exchange of insights among projects.

During the episode that occurred on December 11, 2023, two projects, DeremCo and EoLO-HUBS, were brought together under a common research theme. The focus went beyond large-scale recycling efforts, encompassing the extension of their lifecycle, waste minimization in the renewable energy sector, and ensuring applicability across different manufacturers and industries. Solutions were required to prioritize long-term sustainability and knowledge-sharing within the sector, extending beyond recycling technologies.

The DeremCo project aimed to establish a systemic, cross-sectoral Demand-Driven Circular Economy solution, facilitating the cost-effective reuse of post-use composite materials. This initiative concentrated on the interrelation between technical and social ecosystems at local and interregional levels, benefiting the environment, industry, consumers, and European society. The primary objective was to develop a responsive system for efficiently reusing composite materials in the production of high-value goods.

Concurrently, the EU-funded EoLO-HUBS project focused on recycling high-value materials from wind turbine blades. Using innovative composite material recycling technologies, the project emphasized decommissioning, sustainable fiber reclamation, and upgrading processes. With the inclusion of a knowledge hub and secure material passports, EoLO-HUBS promoted circular economy practices and advanced wind turbine blade recycling practices across Europe.

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