Showcasing Circular Economy Solutions at Waste Management Event 2024: The Role of DEREMCO Project

Showcasing Circular Economy Solutions at Waste Management Event 2024: The Role of DEREMCO Project

Showcasing Circular Economy Solutions at Waste Management Event 2024: The Role of DEREMCO Project

The Waste Management Event 2024 held in Bergamo, Italy, proved to be an important platform for showcasing innovative projects like DEREMCO into broader waste management and circular economy strategies. This event drew attention to how systemic changes in handling strategic materials such as composite materials can significantly advance sustainability in various high-value industries.

At this event, the DEREMCO project was featured as a prime example of how circular economy principles are being applied to the composite materials sector. Instead of a traditional approach to waste management, DEREMCO emphasis in the demand driven de-manufacturing and remanufacturing processes, focusing on the reuse of Fiber-reinforced plastics (FRPs) captured the attention of many visitors.  

The representation of the project at the event focused on its strategic approach to recycling challenges, showcasing how innovative thinking about waste management can lead to practical solutions. DEREMCO's goals to transform post-use composites into valuable secondary materials, was in perfect harmony with the event's theme of integrating circular economy processes into traditional industries to bolster sustainability.

Throughout the event, numerous discussions centred on DEREMCO's approach to demand-driven de-manufacturing processes; how these processes could tailor the breakdown of materials according to specific market needs and product life cycles and how they have the potential to revolutionize waste management within the industry. Stakeholders were particularly captivated by the possibilities of integrating these processes into existing manufacturing systems, which could lead to substantial reductions in waste and therefore in costs.

Moreover, the DEREMCO project illustrated the importance of collaboration among various stakeholders across Europe. Great attention was also drawn to the partners of the DEREMCO consortium, which showcases the collaborative effort required to drive significant environmental change. The presence of our partner Holonix provided an added value to the exchanges with stakeholders and visitors that were able to gain interesting insights regarding Digitalization and formalization of data for circular business models.

The Waste Management Event 2024 served not only as a showcase for DEREMCO but also as a catalyst for dialogue among policymakers, industry leaders, and innovators about the future of waste management. The project's integration into this event helped frame key discussions on how sectors dependent on composite materials can evolve towards more sustainable and economically viable practices. The opportunity to connect with other professionals who are equally committed to sustainable solutions paved the way to enlarge the project´s network, reinforcing the transformative potential of the proposed solutions.

Author: Aimee Forcada - VELTHA

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